Little Bellies – Our Food Values

Our Little Bellies range is for toddlers aged 12+ months (Toddlers in Training) and includes snacks with more adventurous textures, shapes and tastes. As babies transition into toddlerhood, we aim to continue to provide a whole new world of flavour and food experiences, helping to support this exciting time of exploration and learning.

Our Food Values


Certified organic snacks that nurture young palates and help encourage safe self-feeding.


No artificial colours, flavours or additives*.



Just the right tastes, textures and portions to support your child at every stage in their development & progression.


*Organic foods are generally not permitted to contain artificial ingredients.

Our Little Bellies stance on sugar


  • The large majority of our Little Bellies range does not contain any added sugar at all.
  • If the traditional recipe of a product uses sugar, then we will also look to add a touch of sweetness to ensure the product has the right taste and texture.
  • However, we never use refined cane sugar, and we currently only use fruit juices in place of cane sugar if it is required. We always keep the amount of fruit juice at a minimal level, and we only do this if we really believe the product needs it.

Our Little Bellies Stance on Salt


  • As with sugar, we also don’t add salt to our products unless it is necessary.
  • On the odd occasion where we do add salt, it’s actually added indirectly as the salt makes up a component of another ingredient required in the recipe.
  • A good example is the cheese powder used for flavouring our Cheese & Herb Sticks or the sodium bicarbonate, which is required as a raising agent in our Biscuit lines.
  • In fact, these are the only three products in the Little Bellies range that contain any added salt.
    • Cheese naturally contains salt, but we’re careful about the types and amounts of cheese we put into our recipes, so they still taste great but have controlled levels of salt.
    • And as for sodium bicarbonate, it is used because it helps to give the biscuits the right texture and consistency when they’re baked, and again, we keep these levels to a bare minimum.

Natural Development


We dedicate a lot of time and effort into considering the shapes and textures of our baby and toddler food products.  We make sure they can play a role in helping to support independent self-feeding and fine motor skill progression, such as pincer grasp and hand-eye coordination. The Bellies range allows progression throughout a variety of developmental milestones, introducing new and age-appropriate flavour experiences as each infant progresses into a new stage.


Our Baby Bellies Tasty Textures range for 7+ months introduces new texture experiences in large, soft shapes that little fingers can hold.


Our Baby Bellies More to Explore range for 10+ months offers smaller shapes and introduces new texture experiences to help promote independence.


Our Little Bellies Toddlers in Training for 12+ months brings more adventurous textures, shapes and flavours.